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Madeira is a green jewelled paradise set in among the deep blue of the lower North Atlantic. Apart from the natural beauty of it's landscapes, the meandering levadas, the scenic views, the typical and traditional food dishes of "Espada" and the famous "Espetada" it provides a luxury almost unequalled anywhere else in the world: giant, monstrous, and awe inspiring marlin. The waters are also home to some of the most challenging tuna fishing around.

Madeira has famously been bestowed with the distinction of being one of the few places in the world, where on the average good day, an angler can stand a very good chance of catching the legendary "granders" (a thousand pound blue marlin).

Several anglers have achieved the feat of catching one of these monsters off the shores of Madeira. Many of the local fishing professionals and sports enthusiasts are still waiting for the one believed marlin monster that still has not been caught: a giant weighing more 200 lbs than the current record.... Such is the confidence of the local operators that many refuse to desist the hunt or even dare try go elsewhere.

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