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Other names: 

skipjack, ocean bonito, Arctic bonito,
striped tuna, watermelon tuna

Scientific name: 

Katsuwonus pelamis


It is common throughout the tropical Atlantic, south Argentina and may range as far north as Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the summer months. A pelagic, migratory, deep water spieces, it may form schools composed of 50,000 or more individuals.

In the western Atlantic, skipjack tuna frequently school with blackfin tuna (Thunnus atlanticus) and in the Pacific and Indian Oceans they often school with yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares). The presence of stripes on the belly and the absence of markings on the back are sufficient to distinguish the skipjack tuna from all similar species.

The teeth are smaller and more numerous than those of the bonitos and are unlike the triangular, compressed teeth of the mackerels. There are 53-63 gill rakers on the first arch, which is more than in any other species of tuna except the slender tuna (Allothunnus).

This is a gregarious fish and a fast swimmer. It feeds near the surface and its diet consists of clupeoids (herring-like fish), squids, small scombroids, lanternfish, euphausiid shrimps and crustaceans. It will strike trolled strip baits, feathers, spoons, plugs, or small whole baits.

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