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Thinness obsess


Found in warm temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, this schooling, pelagic, seasonally migratory species is suspected of making rather extensive migrations.

Schools big eye tuna generally run deep during the day. The pectoral fins may reach to the second dorsal fin. The second dorsal and ana1 fins never reach back as far as those of large yellowfin tuna (Thurwus albacares).

The vent is oval or teardrop shaped, not round as in the albacore. The first dorsal fin is deep yellow. the second dorsal fin and the anal fins are blackish brown or yellow and may be edged with black. The finlets are bright yellow with narrow black edges. The tail does not have a white trailing edge like that of the albacore.

Generally, there are no special markings on the body, but some specimens may have vertical rows of whitish spots on the venter At one time it was not recognized as a separate species but considered a variation of the yellowfin tuna. they are similar in many respects, but the bigeye's second dorsal and anal fins never grow as long as those of the yellowfin.

In the big eye tuna the margin of the liver is striated and the right lobe is about the same size as the left lobe, in the yellowfin tuna the liver is smooth and the right lobe is clearly longer than either the left or the middle lobe.

Its diet includes squid, crustaceans, mullet, sardines, small makerels and some deep water species. Fishing methods are trolling deep with squid, mullet or other small baits, or artificial lures and live bait fishing in deep waters with similar baits. It is an excellent food or sport fish, an important commercial species taken mainly by longlines and sometimes by purse seines. It is marketed canned, frozen and salt-dried. In Hawaii it is marketed fresh.

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