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A blue marlin being tagged


Although deep sea sports fishing can be enjoyed year round in Madeira, Portugal, the most popular fishing season starts mid June and carries through until the month of September and even into October.

At this time the Madeira coast is visited by scores of big blue marlin on their migratory routes. The waters are calm over the deep Atlantic and the weather is warm and perfect for the fishing enthusiast.

The optimum conditions improve dramatically the chance to catch the well known and legendary "Granders" of Madeira. One of the few fishing spots of the world where reality meets myth.

Fortunately for the marlin, the sport does take precautions to make sure that they are returned to the seas once caught. The Anguilla and Lara Jade practise a tag and release system as recommended by the International Game Fish Association, most of the marlin that are caught are tagged and released - the exception being any that are hurt or too tired to fend off shark attacks. This is a policy most of the fishing operators on the island follow and is important to the preservation of a healthy marlin population.

But, the marlin do take course to other waters at specific times of the year. With their departure and the metamorphosis of the ocean's current schools of tuna, bluefin tuna and albacore arrive. They are seeking their prey of plentiful scad and mackerel. These oceanic predators provide the angler with world class, especially tuna, fishing from January to May.
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